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Jan 29, 2021
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Posted this on the Beginners board but had no responses, so I thought I'd try here :) Cheers!


I'm planning on brewing a pale ale (probably more of an ipa) in a couple weeks with some hops that I have on hand.

Fwiw, I brew 2.5 gallon batches.

Here is what I have:

0.6 oz of Cascade pellet

1 oz Mosaic Cryo

1 oz Simcoe pellet

1 oz Mosaic pellet


2 Row. 74.4%

Munich 22.1%

Wheat. 3.5%



My idea for now is to use all of the .6 oz of Cascade at 60 minutes for the majority of the bitterness. I really like the Mosaic and Simcoe combination and want that to shine.

20 minute Whirlpool @ 170 degrees:

.5 oz Mosaic Cryo .5 oz Mosaic pellet .5 oz Simcoe pellet

Dry hop:

.5 oz Simcoe .5 oz Mosaic Cryo .5 oz Mosaic pellet

Should I move some of those to the end of the boil (5 mins?)

Brewfather says this should give me 40 IBU which sounds nice for what I'm looking for. I'm ok with it increasing bitterness if it gives more hop flavor.

I have a small stainless steel ball hop contraption that I am considering using in the keg after moving from fermenter for one of the dry hop additions. I have never done multiple hop additions before. Should I just throw all my dry hopping hops in at once?

I'm a bit of a newb if it isn't already obvious :p

Any advice is welcome!
Jan 23, 2020
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looks good to me, i like the simcoe/mosaic combo and use it frequently, sometimes with galaxy, citra, strata or nelson. but thats for another day, get this batch brewed and see how you like it. cascade is ok where you have it but maybe a touch of the simcoe in the boil wouldnt hurt. just my opionion. yes i would put all dry hops in at once. the extra dry hop in the keg would be something to consider if your FG hydro sample is less hoppy then you want. hope this helps.